The Yard Test

Icon The yard test LMV rwThe Light and Heavy Motor Vehicles Yard Test

Read about all the manoeuvres you need to know for the Yard Test section of your South African Driver’s Licence Test.

The Yard Test for Cars and Trucks

The purpose of the yard test is to check how well you handle your vehicle in the time allowed. Some testing centres allow learner drivers to practice the manoeuvres after working hours in the yard where the official test is conducted. Ask your driving instructor to arrange for you to use the yard if this is permitted in your area. This will give you the opportunity to become familiar with the test area. Driving schools also sometimes have their own lots, or organise ones to use – make sure to check this before beginning your driving lessons with a particular driving school or instructor. Even though you will not be out on the open road during the Yard Test, you still need to follow the K53 method of driving.

The yard test LMV rw

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