The Motorcycle Yard Test

The Motorcycle Yard Test

Learn about the Yard Test for the Motorcycle. The whole of the South African Motorcycle Driver’s Licence Test is conducted in the yard at the Driving Licence Testing Centre.

The Motorcycle Test

Purpose of the Test

The yard test motorcyclesThis is a practical test to determine the ability of motorcycle riders. The full test consists of a yard test, which includes a pre-trip inspection, a starting procedure and a skill test. The test is a measure of the motorcycle rider’s ability in respect of the handling of a motorcycle, obedience to traffic rules and the use of the system of vehicle control. The test is not conducted on the road or in traffic – it is done in the yard at the driving licence testing centre. You are required to obey all traffic laws as if you were on the road however.

The testing officer will be examining how capable you are at controlling the motorcycle, obeying rules of the road and observing your surroundings.

Immediate Failures

  • Failing to wear a functioning safety helmet
  • Allowing your motorcycle to roll (backwards OR forwards)
  • Violating any rules of the road, road signs, or road markings
  • Using a motorcycle that does not have a licence
  • Falling off of the motorcycle or allowing it to fall
  • Accumulating more than 50 penalty points during the yard test
  • Touching a boundary line
  • Performing a dangerous action

You get only one attempt for the following: Turning left, moving off, and lane change to the right.

You get three attempts for the following: Speed control.

You do not get these attempts if you perform any action that disqualifies you immediately.

Layout of the Testing Area


Once you have completed the pre-trip inspection, the practical riding part of the test will begin.

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