Pre-Trip Inspection

Icon Pre trip inspection LMV HMVThe Light and Heavy Motor Vehicles Pre-Trip Inspection

Learn about how to conduct a Pre-trip inspection for your car and truck driver’s licence test.

The Pre-trip inspection is to show the examiner that your vehicle is roadworthy. Make sure you go over the pre-trip inspections with your driving instructor – they will be able to explain any specific terms you are having trouble with. You should practice with your instructor before your driving test so that they can assess how well you did.  

Pre trip inspection LMV HMV drivers licence

What do you have to do in the Pre-trip inspection?

You have to conduct an interior and exterior check on the vehicle in order to show that it is roadworthy for the driving test. You should know which items need checking and what order they need to be checked in: start on the right hand side mirror and work your way around the vehicle in a counter-clockwise circle (remember to repeat items which occur both on the right and left hand side of the vehicle, such as mirrors).

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