Structure of the Test

Icon Structure of Test Motor Vehicle2Structure of the Light and Heavy Motor Vehicles Test

We explain what the Driver’s Licence Test consists of – make sure you are aware of the relevant time constraints for your vehicle type (LMV or HMV).

There are two parts to the South African Driver’s Licence Test for Light and Heavy Motor Vehicles (cars and trucks). You need to pass both of them in order to gain your driving licence. Ensure that you go through both parts with your driving instructor so you are clear on what is expected of you during the driving test. If you fail the Yard Test (the first part), you will not move on to the Road Test, and will therefore not get your permit. You will have to follow the K53 method of driving during both parts of the driving test.

Light and Heavy Motor Vehicles

Structure of Test Motor Vehicle2


Yard TestA Pre-trip inspection and a yard test. During the yard test you will need to demonstrate parking manoeuvres, successful reversing and moving off on an incline without rolling.


Road Test: A practical driving test on the road with other traffic (out of the yard).

Light motor-vehicles have 20 minutes in which to complete the Yard test, while Heavy Motor-vehicles have 30. The practical test is allotted between 20 and 45 minutes.

Immediate Failures

All of the following are immediate fails.

  • Exceeding the time limit allowed for the yard test
  • Not being able to perform a hand signal
  • Exceeding the maximum number of attempts allowed to perform a driving manoeuvre correctly Allowing your vehicle to roll (backwards OR forwards)
  • If your vehicle fails during the test
  • Using a vehicle that is unroadworthy
  • Using a vehicle that does not have a licence
  • Violating any rules of the road, road signs, or road markings
  • Performing a dangerous action
  • Having an avoidable collision
  • Mounting the kerb, bumping any obstacles, or touching boundary lines
  • Accumulating more than 50 penalty points during the yard test


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