The Road Test

Icon The Road Test HMV LMV2The Road Test – For Light and Heavy Motorvehicles

Learn about the relevant manoeuvres and requirements you need to know for the Road Test for your South African Driver’s Licence.


For Light & Heavy Motor Vehicles


This is a practical test to determine the ability of learner drivers. The road test aims to measure the proficiency of a vehicle driver regarding his/her handling of the vehicle, obedience to traffic rules, and coping with traffic problems in the practical driving situation. The test will be used by driving licence testing centres to measure the proficiency level of drivers in order to obtain a driving licence. Only on the successful completion of the test can a driving licence be authorised. Instructors possessing the necessary knowledge and skills can also make use of this test to determine training requirements.

Immediate Failures 

All of the following are immediate fails.

  • Exceeding the time limit allowed for the yard test
  • Not being able to perform a hand signal
  • Exceeding the maximum number of attempts allowed to perform a driving manoeuvre correctly Allowing your vehicle to roll (backwards OR forwards)
  • If your vehicle fails during the test
  • Using a vehicle that is unroadworthy
  • Using a vehicle that does not have a licence
  • Violating any rules of the road, road signs, or road markings
  • Performing a dangerous action
  • Having an avoidable collision
  • Mounting the kerb, bumping any obstacles, or touching boundary linesThe Road Test HMV LMV2
  • Accumulating more than 50 penalty points during the yard test

The Test

You need to be able to perform the following manoeuvres successfully during the road test:

  • Speed Control
  • Changing Lanes
  • Stopping in Traffic
  • Stopping for Parking
  • Traffic Control Signs
  • Intersections – Turning Right and Left
  • Intersections: Proceeding Through Intersections
  • Intersections – Stop Signs
  • Yield Signs and Uncontrolled Intersections
  • Traffic Lights:
    Flashing Red
    Steady Red
    Steady Green Arrow
    Flashing Amber
    Steady Amber
  • Traffic Circles
  • Block Pedestrian Crossings
  • Level Crossing
  • Overtaking
  • Being Overtaken
  • Entering a Freeway
  • Exiting a Freeway
  • Passing a Freeway Off-Ramp
  • Passing a Freeway On-Ramp
  • Emergency Stop

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