Theory Test

Before you can get your Driver’s Licence, you need to obtain a Learner’s Licence.

Lennie theory page4You obtain a Learner’s Licence by writing a Theory test which covers Rules of the Road, Road Signs and Markings, and Vehicle Controls. Once you pass this test, you are allowed to learn to drive on the roads of South Africa and apply to take a Driver’s Licence Test.

If you don’t yet have your Learner’s Licence, check out! It’s a free site that helps people study for the Learner’s Licence Test. It provides revision material covering all the subjects in the test as well as a bonus “cheat sheet” with all the numbers you need to know made into a handy list. The site also offers a K53 Mock Test, which allows users to test their knowledge and see where they need to improve, and give them an idea of how they would do in the real Learner’s Test (it’s specifically designed to be similar to the K53 Learner’s Test). If you do badly on Road Signs in our Mock test, for example, then you know that you need to study Road Signs a little more.

To take our Mock Test, go to and register for free to begin testing yourself now!

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