Pre-Trip Inspection

Mount with a Side Stand

  1. Stand on the left side of the motorcycle and unlock the steering, if applicable.
  2. Grasp both handgrips and apply the front brake.
  3. Swing your right leg over the motorcycle and sit on the seat.
  4. Bring the motorcycle upright and straighten the front wheel.
  5. Return the side stand to the secure position with your foot and balance the motorcycle.
  6. Apply the front brake to prevent the motorcycle from rolling.


Dismount with a Side Stand

Motorcycle side stand2

  1. Observe 360 degrees to see if it is safe to dismount.
  2. While seated, apply the front brake and extend the side stand fully; select a firm surface for the side stand.
  3. Allow the motorcycle to rest fully on the side stand and turn the front wheel to the left.
  4. Stand up and swing your right leg over the motorcycle.
  5. Make sure the motorcycle is standing securely before releasing the handgrips and the front brake.
  6. Lock the steering, if applicable.


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