Pre-Trip Inspection

motorcycle off inspection2

  1. On approach, check under the motorcycle for obvious leaks and/or obstructions.
  2. Check for damage, preferable from top to bottom, and from left to right, while moving in an anti-clockwise direction.
  3. Check the wheels for tread depth, wear and damage, sidewall damage, inflation, valve cap, spokes, wheel hub, oil and grease leaks (visual inspection only).
  4. Check the brake discs for wear, if possible.
  5. Check the shock absorbers/forks for damage, security and oil leaks.
  6. Check the mudguards for damage and security.
  7. Check the lights and reflectors for damage, cleanliness and security.
  8. Check the indicators for damage, cleanliness and security.
  9. Check the windscreen/fairing for damage, cleanliness and security if applicable.
  10. Check the controls, cables, mirror and clutch fluid level, if applicable, for damage, cleanliness, security and operation.
  11. Check the duel tap/valve for damage, security, leaks and operation.
  12. Check the gear lever for damage and security.
  13. Check any side-covers for damage and security.
  14. Mention that the battery should be checked for damage, security and fluid level.
  15. Check the footrests, chain guards, chain, tension and lubrication, and the exhaust for damage and security.
  16. Check the rear number plate for damage, cleanliness and security, and that the number plate light is working.
  17. Check the seat for damage, cleanliness and security.
  18. Check the foot brake for free play, damage and security, and the brake fluid level, if applicable.
  19. Check the fuel tank and filler cap for security and leakage.
  20. Mention that the coolant and engine oil levels should be checked if applicable.
  21. Check any radiator for damage and security.
  22. Check the licence token for validity, cleanliness and security.


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