The Road Test

Requirements for the Road Test

The road test may only commence on the successful completion of the yard test. Every driving licence testing centre shall have at least two pre-established routes. The test shall be conducted on anyone of these routes.

The following features shall be included in every test route:

  • A road, with more than one lane in the same direction, containing at least two controlled intersections and clearly demarcated rod markings where a lane change shall be done.
  • At least one intersection controlled by four-way stop signs.
  • At least four intersections controlled by stop signs or traffic lights.
  • At least two intersections controlled by yield sign(s) – (i) where the applicant shall yield right of way at one of the intersections; and (ii) where the applicant has right of way at one of the intersections.
  • A quiet road where the emergency stop shall be executed.
  • None of the intersections forming part of a test route shall be crossed more than twice from the same direction.
  • At least 65% of the test route shall consist of public road sin an urban area.
  • A right turn shall be made at least at two of the intersections.
  • Flashing green arrow indicators for turning vehicles shall not from part of the crossing.

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