The Road Test


Make sure to keep a safe distance before overtaking and when returning to your original lane.

  1. Obtain a safe following/approaching distance.
  2. Obey all road signs, signals, rules and markings.
  3. Check the applicable blind spot.
  4. Steer and position the vehicle towards the direction you wish to move towards for maximum visibility, if applicable.
  5. Check the mirrors and the blind spot.
  6. Signal intention.
  7. Check rear-view mirrors again.
  8. Brake, if necessary.
  9. Select a lower gear, if necessary.
  10. Check the blind spot to the correct direction.
  11. Steer further to the direction you want to travel towards, is safe, to allow safe clear space between vehicle and hazard.
  12. Cancel signal.
  13. Accelerate , if necessary.
  14. Check mirrors and blind spots to the in the direction of your original lane before signalling if intending to return to your original lane.

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