The Road Test

Traffic Circles

Approach with caution; give way to vehicles already in the circle, unless you have right of way.

  1. Check rear-view mirrors.
  2. Obey all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.
  3. Yield to traffic from the right and/or pedestrians, unless otherwise indicated by road traffic signs or signals.
  4. Decelerate, if necessary.
  5. Brake, if necessary.
  6. Select appropriate gear, if necessary.
  7. Proceed, if safe.
  8. Stop, if necessary.
  9. Apply handbrake, if necessary.
  10. Select neutral, if necessary.
  11. Select gear, if necessary.
  12. Observe, if applicable.
  13. Release parking brake, if applicable.
  14. Move off, if safe.

Traffic circles: if you intend to take the first exit, signal left as you approach the traffic circle. If you intend to take a subsequent exit, signal in good time before the exit.

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