Pre-Trip Inspection

Interior Inspection

You will now be asked to conduct an interior inspection and operate several parts of the interior vehicle.

car interior inspection

  1. From the driver’s seat, ensure that the parking brake is employed and that the gear lever is in the neutral position (or P or N for automatic vehicles).
  2. Check for obstructions inside the vehicle.
  3. Check for warning lights and gauges, where applicable.
  4. Adjust the seat to the correct position for driving and ensure that the mirrors are set for maximum rear-view vision (set them if not).
  5. Turn the ignition key to the “on” position without starting the engine.
  6. Check the operation of electric windows (if applicable).
  7. Check all the instruments on the instrument panel and mention any changes.
  8. Check the operation of the front and rear lights, indicators, horn and wipers.
  9. Switch the ignition off and return all switches to the “off” position.
  10. Check the steering for excessive free-play.
  11. Check the pressure on the brake and clutch pedals.
  12. Return the wipers to the normal position.
  13. Check that the doors are properly closed and that any passengers know how to operate them.
  14. Fasten your seatbelt and request any passengers to fasten theirs as well.
  15. Make sure any passengers know how to operate the seatbelt release mechanism.


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