Pre-Trip Inspection

Light Motor Vehicles

Exterior Inspection


  1. On approach, check under the vehicle for leaks for obstructions.
  2. Unlock all of the doors.
  3. Inspect the vehicle for possible damage from the top to bottom, in an anti-clockwise direction.
    (All of the following specify right-hand side items)
  4. Check exterior mirror for damage, cleanliness and stability. (If fitted)
  5. Check the right windows and right-side of the windscreen for damage and cleanliness.
  6. Check the wiper blades for damage and stability and leave them extended during the inspection if possible.
  7. Check the tyre for damage, sidewall damage, wear, tread depth, valve cap, inflation, grease or oil leaks, and check the wheel nuts if there is no hub cap.
  8. Check all the front lights, lenses and reflectors for damage, cleanliness and stability.
  9. Check the vehicle for damaged or loose panels or grilles (make sure the registration plate is valid and secure).
  10. Make sure that the bonnet, bumpers and exhaust are secure and undamaged.
  11. Mention that the oil, water, brake fluid and fan belt have been checked.
    (Repeat steps 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for the left and back sides of the vehicle.)
  12. Make sure that the number plates are secure and clean and that the light is working.
  13. Check that the licence disc is valid and secure.
  14. Check the doors for operation, and the operation out of the window winders and seat belts for stability and damage.
  15. Check any information plates and the chevron for damage, cleanliness, stability, and validity. (If applicable)
  16. Mention that the spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner should be checked.
  17. Check that the fuel cap is secure.


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