How to parallel park

A series of 3 videos from a UK driving schoolcovering the following maneouvres:

  • Reversing around a corner
  • Parallel Parking
  • Hill Start

Although the streets might look a little different, these videos are still a helpful resource to help you understand how to perform the maneouvres.

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K53 Advice: How to fail

A set of 23 short video clips:

1. Exterior check.

2. Interior check.

3. Alley docking.

4. Turning left.

5. Turning right.

6. Parallel parking.

7. Three point turn.

8. Lesson incline pull off.

9. Hand signals.

10. Lesson changing lanes.

11. Lesson changing multiple lanes.

12. Overtaking.

13. Emergency stop.

14. Pedestrian crossing.

15. Stopping in traffic.

16. Traffic circles.

17. Yield signs.

18. Following distance.

19. Entering the freeway.

20. Exiting the freeway.

21. Don’t panic for your driver’s test.

22. Don’t panic for your leaner’s test.

23. Things that will make you fail.


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