Teenagers are being let on our roads ill prepared to deal with the challenges they face. As a result they are being killed at an alarming rate!

As a nation, we are not doing enough to reverse this epidemic among teens, with catastrophic results. In the USA teenage drivers account for only 7% of the driving population, yet they account for 14% of the fatalities and 20% of the collisions.

In South Africa, particularly in Gauteng it is not an uncommon sight to see markings on the road marking the place where a teenager died. All new drivers can make wrong decisions behind the wheel; however teens are the most at jeopardy. They bring to the road a unique mix of inexperience, distraction, peer pressure and a tendency to underestimate risk.

TeenDrive’s mission – to save teen lives.

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Driving Direct

Driving Direct is a directory of driving schools in South Africa, brought to you by Henrico Web Design on behalf of Aspigon Driving Academy, a registered driving school in Gauteng.

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Download and read information about the Learner’s and Driver’s Tests. You can also download certain forms you require to fill in when applying for your licence.

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Traffic Quiz – Learner’s Licence test

Download Learner’s Licence Practice tests. This downloadable Learners licence practice test software will assist you to pass the SA learners licence test. The software is made up of interactive learners tests with questions on rules of the road, traffic signs and vehicle controls. These questions were carefully developed to help you pass the learners licence test on your first attempt.

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What do you get with Learn2Drive3D?

  • Learn2Drive3D contains ALL the theory you need to know to pass your South African K53 Learner’s or Driver’s licences.
  • Work your way through the latest K53 content interactively, actually seeing procedures and concepts demonstrated in 3D, and getting instant feedback in tests and quizzes.
  • The material is based on the latest SA National Road Traffic Act and K53 manuals used by the Department of Transport examiners.
  • When you install Learn2Drive3D, all sections are always included. You then choose to activate either the Learner’s section, or the Driver’s section, or both.

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K53 Free Test

In the interest of safety on our roads, K53 Free Test has decided to make a learning website available to all persons wanting to get a learners licence. This services is absolutely free! .

  • free online information you to pass your learners licence test
  • free online tests toensure you pass the 1st time!
  • competitions and more coming soon…

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K53 Gavin Hoole

Get lot sof helpful information about the Learner’s and Driver’s licence. You can read about and purchaseK53 books and software.

Gavin  Hoole is a well-known authority on the K53 Learner’s Test.

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eLearners is an online platform which enable you to practice your learners licence tests online. Get out of the passenger seat and into the driver’s seat with eLearners®. We’re South Africa’s number one choice for driver education. Why? Because we provide the best online learning experience for Learners Licence.

To kickstart your practice , eLearners give you 23 Free practice questions to assess  yourself.

Once you have completed the trial questions , if you need to access the 500 practice questions , you need to activate your eLearners account using the following methods

Activation Using SMS

Simply SMS the word LEARNERS followed by your USERNAME to 42220. Your eLearners account will be activated instantly giving you access to over 500 K53 Licence practice questions for 30 days. SMS billed at R30 (Once Off) and all networks are supported.

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The K53 Test Learner’s and Driver’s Licence website offers you the best preparation before taking the official test given by the Traffic Department.

  • Prepare for your learner’s licence test
  • Get info about your K53 driving test
  • The K53 motor cycle test and track layout
  • Get the latest K53 eBooks at discounted prices
  • Practise for your learner’s licence test online
  • Take 255 online test questions


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