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Frequently Asked Questions


 How do I add my driving school or instructor?

  1. Go to the Add Your Listing page.
  2. Enter the following information about your driving school:
    Its name
    A description of your driving school – it can be a bit about your school’s history, the services you provide, and whatever else you feel is relevant information to Learners.
    Its address – if you have a physical address enter it (include as much information as possible so our maps will find you). If you do not have a physical address, you can enter the central area in which your school operates.
    The City – the cities in which your school operates.
     – your school’s main contact number or member. You can add additional telephone numbers in the description above.
    E-mail – your main contact e-mail address.
    Website – if you don’t have a website, you can leave this blank.
    Lesson Price – we realise many schools have different price packages, and if this is the case for you, please enter the lowest price per hour Learners can recieve (whether per lesson or through a bulk lesson package).
    Tags – you can enter tags which will help Learners find you when searching – use your name, your province, the codes you teach, etc.
    Image – you can upload your logo, a photo of yourself, a photo of the vehicle in which you teach, or anything else relevant to your driving school. If any offensive images are uploaded, your listing will be removed.
    Languages – select the languages in which you are comfortable conducting lessons.
    Codes – the vehicle codes you are qualified to teach.
    Valid Instructor Certificate – state whether you have a Valid Instructor Certificate. You legally need one in order to teach.
    Member of SAIDI – state whether you are a member of SAIDI.
    Map – press the “Locate in map” to have your driving school located from the address you entered
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Congratulations! If you have entered all the required information, your listing has been submitted. It will appear in the directory once it has been approved by a site administrator.

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I am having trouble adding my driving school or instructor to your directory.

 If your area does not yet exist, you should add your listing without selecting an area. You can do this by leaving your “area” as the default “category” – it will place your listing in the correct area when you enter your school’s address.

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How do I edit my listing after claiming or creating it?

  1. After claiming or creating your listing, find your listing in our driving directory.
  2. When you have found your listing, look for the “Edit” button on your page – click the Edit button to open up editing on your page.
  3. Here you can change information such as your description, address, telephone etc. If any of your contact details change, please make sure to update them.


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Does adding myself to the directory cost anything?

Nope – adding yourself to our directory is 100% free!

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How can potential Learners contact me from the directory?

Learners can either get in contact with you via the telephone number or website address you provide, or via a contact form they fill out, which will send you an e-mail from them. We do not make your e-mail address public in order to avoid spam.

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