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Why should you add your listing to our directory?

There are a number of great reasons to add yourself to our directory:Dungu Why Add driving school

1. It’s completely free! It costs nothing to add your listing to the directory, and our users may also browse and contact schools and instructors for free.

2. It’s a fast, easy way to get your name online – having a web presence is important, and this is a simple way of increasing it without having to maintain a whole website.

3. You get to control the information you put on our site – put as little or as much as you want. You can also add your own images to give a face or a logo to your listing, creating “brand awareness” and association.

4. You will benefit not only from’s traffic, but also from’s traffic; our sister site GYL recommends GYD to learner drivers as the next step in their process and drives its traffic here.

5. We are a trustworthy site – we don’t sell our listings or users’ information to third parties.


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