MasterDrive Driver Training

Driving Codes Taught:
  • B
  • EB
Languages Spoken:
  • English
Member of SAIDI: No
Valid Instructor Certificate: No
Telephone: 01102203523
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Unit 3, Meyersdal Office Park, 65 Phillip Engelbrecht Avenue, Meyersdal, Alberton Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Get a taste of what makes MasterDrive the premier driver education company in South Africa.

Watch any person who has been driving for more than a year or two and you will probably be able to see several potentially life threatening errors in the way they drive..... But, with all due respect, this of course assumes that the person doing the looking actually knows what they are looking for!
Unfortunately, it is a fact of life: Humans are inherently lazy and more especially so when it comes to repetitive tasks, and driving -- no matter how potentially lethal -- is often seen in this light. People forget or choose to ignore the fact that if, for example, an emergency happened ahead, while they were driving along with only one hand on the steering wheel, their chances of avoiding a crash are significantly reduced.


MasterDrive instructors travel all over SA and Africa to train corporate drivers at locations selected by our clients. The courses are for all drivers and we work in your choice of cars, SUVs, LDV’s and/or HCV’s. While professional drivers will benefit immensely from a MasterDrive course, they would be taught in one of the aforementioned vehicles rather than in buses or larger trucks because we will be working on awareness and attitude rather than just handling skills, and it can be assumed that your professional drivers are individuals who have already passed an adequate test of their truck or bus handling capabilities. There is no need for you to put a large, expensive vehicle temporarily out of commission in order for your drivers to learn what we teach.

Depending on your requirements, training is either for Defensive Driving or for genuine Advanced Driving. (These are two distinctly different things. Feel free to ask us exactly what the differences are because they can have significant effects over safety.)

Courses vary in duration and intensity, depending upon your specific requirements

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