Actiff Driving School

Driving Codes Taught:
  • A1
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • C1
  • EB
  • EC
  • EC1
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Afrikaans
Member of SAIDI: No
Valid Instructor Certificate: No
Telephone: 012 811 5134
Tswane, Gauteng, South Africa

Go to it and be properly taught the ACTIFF way!!!
Anneke Venter is the main instructor for Actiff Driving School that is located in Pretoria - Actiff has been teaching driving faithfully for 20 years, with a high success rate. Should you or your child be interested in being trained by an experienced instructor then you are welcome to us.

About our Learner License Tuition
Every candidate for a South African driving license must pass a test designed to ensure that they know the rules of behaviour expected to ensure their safety and the safety of fellow road users. Knowing these rules and complying with the road signs and traffic rules are the first steps in making our roads safer for everyone.

The K53 system is a set of rules and actions that equip motorists to get from A to B in safety with courtesy and consideration for other road users. Let us prepare you to act as K53 expects with less likelihood of being part of an accident.

Being on the road
Control of your vehicle starts with proper tuition. If you are taught by a driver with bad habits you inherit them without being conscious of them. We at ACTIFF believe it is easier to learn good habits from the start, rather than having to go backwards and unlearn those bad ways.

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