ProMari Driving School


To teach vehicle drivers communicative vehicle driving techniques and application of the system of vehicle control for sustainable development.


• To create awareness about the contribution of the system of vehicle control towards the safe and economic operation of a motor vehicle.
• To contribute to the development of learner drivers by enabling them
to pass their driver’s test.
To ensure proper attitude from:
• Licensed vehicle drivers towards the system of vehicle control.
• Road users in the prevention of accidents/incidents.


1. To train learner drivers in a comprehensive manner and equip them with skills and techniques to ensure they are confident and ready for the practical driver’s test.
2. To support the prevention of vehicle accidents on the roads.
3. To improve through communicative vehicle driving techniques, a driver’s observation skills, controlled confidence and proper attitude towards others.
4. To upgrade the skills of licensed vehicle drivers to operate a motor vehicle in an advanced manner.
5. To teach learner and licensed drivers to identify difficulties in the driving of a motor vehicle through implementation of the necessary sympathy, patience and understanding.
6. To advance the culture of safe driving skills through the application of the system of vehicle control.
7. To stay informed of new developments in vehicle technology and training skills.

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